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21 Aug

Easily Start Paying Off Debt With These Tips

Family Auto of Greenville – Blog
Week of December 6th 2016

Start paying off debt with these tips
Try as we might, most of us will end up with some sort of debt to pay off at some point. It’s always nice to have the tools you need to save money and feel financially independent. Check out these tried-and-true methods for gaining your financial freedom!

1. Pay cash. When you throw every purchase on a debit or credit card, it’s way too easy to lose track of what you’re actually spending. Those $7 lunches stack up fast when you actually watch the cash in your wallet dwindle by Wednesday or Thursday of each week. Set a budget for how much you’d like to spend each week, including groceries and toiletries, gas, lunches/meals out. Then take out cash for just what you need – bonus points if you have a little leftover at the end of the week!

2. Stop adding debt. When your goal is to pay off outstanding debts and bills, and begin building a “rainy day” fund, you have to immediately put a halt to adding any new debts. This can be hard to do – after all, we all have to-do lists and wish lists alike. Stay patient and remember that material possessions won’t make you nearly as happy as setting a goal and accomplishing it!

3. Focus on your highest-interest debts first. Obviously, you have to at least make the minimum payment on all your obligations. After that, focus on credit card debt or other higher-interest debt as your target debt to pay off first. Consider your interest-free or lower-interest debts the next priority. Each time you pay one balance off, move to the next most expensive debt you have. If you have several super high-interest, high-balance credit card debts, consider a balance transfer to consolidate the amount and stop incurring interest while you work on chipping away at the number.

4. Get creative. With resources like Pinterest and other websites, there are so many great ways to “DIY” things that used to cost a lot. Use your ingenuity to get it done! Consider using plans online to build that dining table you need, or enlist family and friends for a “paint party” to paint a few rooms in your home instead of hiring an expensive contractor.

5. Reward yourself. Set a goal for that great day when you pay off the last of what you want to pay off. Maybe it’s a trip you save up for as you finish the pay-off process, or a really beautiful handbag you will pay cash for, or the big screen TV you’ve been wanting. Again – be responsible! You don’t want to end up back in debt. But having a reward to look forward to could keep you motivated in the long run.


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18 Feb

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